Nice d├ęcor and cosy ambience with a little western fine dining design. All tables are fitted with induction cookers which are safe and easy to use. There are VIP rooms equipped with toliets and LCD TVs for added privacy and comfort. We are famous for:
  • innovative hot pot soup base such as Tomato and Crab Soup Base with Souffle Finish
  • healthy meatballs with special fillings such as cuttlefish balls with cherry tomato, etc.
      We provide a huge selection of beef from local markets, Australia, USA as well as Japan ! The selection includes sirloin, rib eye, beef tongue, beef cheek, etc.
      Besides hotpot, we also serve special Cantonese dishes like:
  • Braised Belly Pork with Mui Choy in Souffle finish
  • Chicken with Rice Flake Noodles in Sweet Soy Sauce, etc.
      We provide an extensive wine list:
  • Fine Red and White Wines from France, USA & Australia
  • Plum Wine and Sake from Japan
  • Hua Diao Rice Wine & Mou Tai White Wine from China.
      Valet Parking service is available.