Hotpot Pass

Hotpot Pass

Megan’s Kitchen Hotpot Pass: Unbeatable Deals Await!

Get your hotpot pass at Megan’s Kitchen and enjoy 62 days of hotpot from July to August! With each pass, you’ll receive a plate of hand-cut snowflake beef chuck ( Original : $228 ) and Hungarian Mangalica pork collar ( Original : $368 ) , as well as two refreshing Asahi draft beers! ( Original : $136 ) Each pass is only $500, but it’s valued at $732 per day – an incredible deal! You can definitely use it for both lunch and dinner. What are you waiting for? Dig in!

Even more offers are coming your way! Get cash vouchers with each visit!

The hotpot pass offers don’t stop there. Each time you use the pass to enjoy hotpot, we’ll immediately give you cash vouchers for you to use when Megan’s Kitchen launches new hotpot sets in September. And the cash voucher offer gets even better – the more you use the pass, the more vouchers you’ll receive! For example, on your first use we’ll give you 1 cash voucher. On your second use, we’ll give you 2 vouchers. This will keep increasing, so that by your 10th visit, we’ll give you a whopping 10 cash vouchers all at once! Isn’t this just an incredibly attractive offer?


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