Abalone and Chicken Congee Soup Hotpot Set for 4


Abalone and Chicken Congee Soup Hotpot Set for 4
HOTPOT SOUP BASE – Congee Soup (with half chicken & 4 abalones)
SEAFOOD – Fresh Ireland Razor Clam + Fresh Shrimps + Local Sea Clams
MEAT – Japanese Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Shoulder Chuck + Japanese Kagoshima Black Pork Loin
MEATBALL – Mui Choi & Pork Balls + Salted Duck Egg Yolk and Pork Balls (8 pcs per order)
DUMPLING – Deep Fried Dough with Shrimp Paste + Japanese Beef with Black Truffle Dumplings (8 pcs per order)
VEGETABLE – Assorted Vegetable Platter (4 Pax)
BEANCURD / TOFU – Tofu Platter (4 Pax)
MUSHROOM – Assorted Mushrooms Platter
DRINK – Sugar Cane and Water Chestnut Drink (Jar) + Hawthorn and Plum Drink (Jar)

Special Price : $2,000 (Original Price : $2,512)

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We are now offering the Abalone and chicken rich congee soup hotpot set for 4 for limited time! This is one of the retro soup base that we made in the past. The 【Rich Congee】 soup base will come with 4 abalone and boneless chicken. The set includes meat options like black pork and wagyu beef, also comes with classic meatballs and dumplings that handmade by us. This will surely be a nourishing and nutritious choice for you! The set is available for dine-in and takeaway. Wishing you have ample food and clothing throughout the year!