Clear Heat Coriander Hotpot Set for 4


Clear Heat Coriander Hotpot Set for 4
HOME MADE SOUP BASE – Coriander and Preserved Duck Egg Soup
SEAFOOD – Sliced Green Carp Belly + Fresh Shrimps in Olive Oil + Coral Clams
BEEF – Hand-cut Snowflake Beef Chuck & Neck + Snowflake Beef Tongue
PORK – Japanese Kumamoto Black Pork Collar
CHICKEN – Chicken Marinated with Hua Diao Wine
MEATBALL – Vietnam Style Hand Beaten Shrimp Balls with Vietnam Sausage + Soybean Sprout & Leek Pork Balls (8pc each)
DUMPLING – Thai Style Red Curry Roasted Duck Dumplings with Lychee + Peking Duck Dumplings (8pc each)
VEGETABLE – Assorted Vegetable Platter (4 Pax)
TOFU – Tofu Platter (4 Pax)
NOODLE – Egg Noodle + E-fu Noodle
DRINKS – Healthy Herbal Drink (Jar)

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Hot pot is not just for the winter. It is even the best choice when staying at home during this pandemic and staying mentally positive. Megan’s Kitchen also strives to keep everyone healthy! We recommend the 【Clear Heat Coriander Hotpot Set for 4】! The set includes the Coriander and Preserved Duck Egg Soup to help opening up your appetite, together with seafood and meat for you to enjoy various flavours in a meal! Also comes with healthy herbal drink for refreshment! Eat healthy, stay healthy! Discounted price: $2,000 (Original price: $2,621)