The Hotpot Set for 4


The Hotpot Set for 4
Classic Soup Base – Choose 1 from Classic Soup Base
SEAFOOD – Local Nine Holes Abalone + Fresh Shrimps
BEEF – Japanese Satsuma A4 Sirloin (4pcs)
PORK – Spanish Iberico Pork Collar
MEATBALL – Rainbow Cuttlefish Balls (7 pcs) + Beef Oil Beef Balls (4pcs) + Chicken and Quail Egg Meat Balls (4 pcs) + Mui Choi & Pork Balls (4 pcs)
DUMPLING – Japanese Beef with Black Truffle Dumplings (4 pcs) + Peking Duck Dumplings (4 pcs) + Korean Kimchi Dumplings (Carrot Wrapper) (4 pcs)
VEGETABLE – Assorted Vegetable Platter (4 Pax)
BEANCURD / TOFU – Tofu Platter (4 Pax)
NOODLE – Japanese Noodles Platter (4 Pax)

Price : $2,188

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In the past 15 years, Megan’s Kitchen has created many new hot pot flavors. To celebrate, we have created a Hot Pot Set for Four that allows our guests to enjoy all of our best sellers. The set includes any of our Famous Classic Soup Base, special dumplings like Japanese Beef with Black Truffle Dumplings, Peking Duck Dumplings, Korean Kimchi Dumplings with Carrot Wrapper as well as hand beaten meatballs like Chicken and Quail Egg Meatballs, Salted Duck Egg Yolk & Pork Balls, Mui Choi & Pork Balls and Rainbow Cuttlefish Balls. Seafood and Meats are also included in the set.