Drunken Crispy Coconut Chicken Soup Hotpot Set


Drunken Crispy Coconut Chicken Soup Hotpot Set
New Soup Base Drunken Crispy Coconut Chicken Soup
Meat – Japanese Miyazaki A5 Shoulder Chuck (2pcs) / Japanese Kagoshima Black Pork Loin ( Half Portion – 5pcs )
Seafood ( 1 for each ) – Razor Clam / Fresh Abalone / Fresh Shrimp
Taiwanese Food – Taiwanese Pork Sausage / Taiwanese Fried Tempura
Meatballs Platter ( 1 for each ) – Three Cup Chicken Meatballs / Sa Cha Oysters-stuffed Beef Ball / Sauerkraut White Pepper Meatball
Dumplings Platter ( 1 for each ) – Fried Egg with Preserved Radish Pork Dumplings / Braised Pork Mushroom Dumpling
VEGETABLE – Baby Shoots ( Half Portion )
NOODLE – KiKi Noodle
Dessert – Taro Balls With Coconut Milk, Pearl & Red Bean Sweet Soup

$688 / pax

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Megan’s Kitchen has launched a new Taiwanese Hotpot series, featuring【 Drunken Crispy Coconut Chicken Soup 】. In order to let everyone enjoy the new taste, we specially introduce the【 Drunken Crispy Coconut Chicken Soup Hotpot Set 】 for you! Once you try the brand new Taiwanese meatballs, dumplings and Taiwanese specialty snacks, as well as Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Beef, Japanese Black Pork and Seafood, you will definitely remember it again and again!


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