Taste of Japan Hotpot Set for 4


Taste of Japan Hotpot Set for 4
HOME MADE SOUP BASE – Japanese Miso Tofu Soup (contains fish)
SEAFOOD – Japan Hokkaido Scallops + Japanese Hiroshima Oyster + Boston Lobster
BEEF – Japanese Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Shoulder Chuck + Hand-cut Snowflake Beef Chuck & Neck
PORK – Japanese Kagoshima Black Pork Loin
MEATBALL – Beef Oil Beef Balls + Chicken and Quail Egg Meat Balls (8pc each)
DUMPLING – Pork & Water-Chestnut Dumplings + Cheese Beef Tongue Dumplings (8pc each)
VEGETABLE – Assorted Vegetable Platter (4 Pax)
TOFU – Tofu Platter (4 Pax)
NOODLE – Japanese Udon + Japanese Buckwheat Soba
DRINKS – Healthy Herbal Drink (Jar)

Discounted price: $2,000 (Original price: $2,710)

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As the pandemic is fading away, have you thought about your next traveling destination? Megan’s Kitchen has prepared the 【Taste of Japan Hotpot Set for 4】 to take you on a trip to Japan, together with Miyazaki A5 Wagyu and Kagoshima Black Pork to dip into the Japanese Miso Tofu Soup. The set also comes with Asahi Super Dry Beer to freshen up! Have an Eat-cation now with us! Discounted price: $2,000 (Original price: $2,710)