Nourishing Drunken Hotpot Set for 4


Nourishing Drunken Hotpot Set for 4
HOME MADE SOUP BASE – Chicken Pot with Huadiao Wine
SEAFOOD – Fish Maw + Fresh Ireland Razor Clam + Fresh Shrimp
BEEF – US Short Ribs (Boneless)
PORK – Japanese Kumamoto Black Pork Collar
MEATBALLS – Chicken and Quail Egg Meat Balls + Ginseng and Chicken Ball (8 pc each)
DUMPLING – Chicken Dumplings with Tree Fungus & Bamboo Shoot + Malaysian Satay Chicken Dumplings with Peanuts (8 pc each)
VEGETABLE – Assorted Vegetable Platter (4 Pax)
TOFU – Tofu Platter (4 Pax)
NOODLE – E-fu Noodle + Egg Noodle
DRINKS – Five Flower Tea ( Jar )

Discounted price: $2,000 (Original price: $2,859)

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Megan’s Kitchen will continue to strengthen your health to go against the pandemic and we’ve prepared the 【Nourishing Drunken Hotpot Set for 4】 to cheer you up! The soup is boiled with Chinese medical ingredients such as Northern astragalus, codonopsis, angelica sinensis, yam, lycium chinense, dried longan and red dates, then embellish with Shaoxing Huadiao wine and a whole chicken to complete this rich and aromatic soup base. The soup base can help invigorating spleen and replenishing breathe (qi) and definitely is the choice for healthy when eating hotpot! The set also comes with various seafood, meat and 【Ginseng and Chicken Balls】. Other then food, you will also get the【 Five Flower Tea 】 for your to clear heat and resolve toxin in your body. A healthy hotpot meal is just that easy! Original price: $2859 Discounted price: $2000