Megan’s Kitchen Tuen Ng Festival 3 in 1 Gift Set


This Dragon Boat Festival, savor the irresistible “Mini Sticky Rice Dumplings with Whole Hokkaido Conpoy” and our ”Homemade XO Sauce” from Megan’s Kitchen. With the exquisite packaging in our “MK Eco-friendly Food Box”, it’s a gift that shows your love for both great taste and the environment.
– “Mini Sticky Rice Dumplings with Whole Hokkaido Conpoy” is meticulously crafted with Hokkaido conpoy, pork belly, and salted egg yolk, offering a rich and delicious taste. With convenient vacuum packaging, you can heat them up anytime and enjoy their full flavor.
– “Homemade XO Sauce” is handmade with selected ingredients such as Hokkaido conpoy, dried shallots, garlic, salted fish, chili, and dried shrimp. It exudes a rich aroma and delightful taste.
– “MK Eco-friendly Food Box” has carefully packed the exquisitely crafted mini sticky rice dumplings and the flavorful XO sauce. This container not only provides excellent sealing to ensure the freshness and taste of the food.

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Tuen Ng is almost there, Megan’s Kitchen brings you a mouthwatering gift set, the Tuen Ng Festival 3 in 1 Gift Set, from a fresh perspective, allowing you to savor endless flavors during this traditional holiday while also promoting environmental conservation.

Tuen Ng Festival 3 in 1 Gift Set – $228 (Original Price $268)
– 3 Rice Dumplings – 1 XO sauce – 1 MK Eco-friendly Food Box


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