Valentine’s Day Hotpot Set 2022 for 2


Valentine’s Day Hotpot Set 2022 for 2
Appetizer Roasted Pigeon (Each)
Home Made Soup Base Vietnam Style Superior Beef Broth or Choose 1 from Classic Hotpot Soup Base
Seafood – Fresh Shrimps in Olive Oil
Beef – Japanese Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Shoulder Chuck (4pcs)
Pork – Kumamoto Japanese Blck Pork Collar (4pcs)
Chicken – Free Range Chicken Thigh (4pcs)
Meatballs – Vietnam Style Hand Beaten Shrimp Balls with Vietnam Sausage (4pc) + Vietnam Style Pork Lemongrass Balls and Straw Mushrooms (4pc)
Dumpling – Thai Style Red Curry Roasted Duck Dumplings with Lychee (4pcs | Spinach Wrapper) + Malaysian Satay Chicken Dumplings with Peanuts (4pcs)
Vegetable – Fresh Vegetables
Noodle – Choose 1 from Noodles
Beancurd /Tofu – Tofu Platter
Dessert – Cheese Cake

Special Price : $1,314 ( Original Price : $1,680 )

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While this year we have consecutive Valentine’s Days (Western Valentine’s Day on Feb 14 and Chinese Valentine’s Day on Feb 15), Megan’s Kitchen is also ready to serve you the selected Valentine’s Hotpot Set on both Valentine’s Days to warm up the atmosphere for you and your loved ones. Our set included heartwarming soup base, Japanese wagyu beef, black pork, selected seafood, meatballs, dumplings, vegetables, etc. Also comes with a roasted pigeon as an appetiser with you “lovebirds” to spend this Valentine’s Day. You are welcome to make advance reservation for the day. Wish all couples stay sweet and warm!

Additional information

Home Made Soup Base (choose 1)

Vietnam Style Superior Beef Broth, Black Pepper & Salted Preserved Vegetable with Pig Tripe Soup, Tom Yum Koong Cappuccino, Malaysia Satay Soup, Chiu Chow Sea Clam Soup, English Oxtail Soup, Sichuan Spicy Tofu Soup, Japanese Miso Tofu Soup (contains fish), Coriander and Preserved Duck Egg Soup, Apple and Corn Soup with Spare Ribs

Vegetable (Choose 1)

Kale, Tarragon, Supreme Mongolia Lamb, Emperor Vegetable, Watercress, Mustard Vegetable, Chinese Lettuce, Deep Fried Taro, Sweet Corn

Noodle (Choose 1)

Japanese Udon, Egg Noodle, E-fu Noodle, Vietnam Vermicelli, Vietnam Flat Rice Noodles, Sweet Potato Noodle, Korea Potato Noodle, Vermicelli