Vegetarian Hot Pot Set for 2


Vegetarian Hot Pot Set for 2
Vegetarian Soup Base (Double) Japanese Miso Tofu Soup + Carrot, Sweet Corn, Water Chestnut & Celery Veg. Soup
Vegetarian Meatballs – Vegetarian OmniPork Meatballs with Turmeric and Okra + Vegetarian Beyond Meat Beef Balls with Basil Leaves and Pine Nuts ( 4 pcs per order )
Vegetarian Dumplings – Thai Style Vegetarian OmniPork Strips Dumplings with Beancurd Skin and Tamarind + Mushroom Onion Dumplings + Vegetable Dumplings ( Spinach Wrapper ) ( 4 pcs per order )
VEGETABLE – Broccolini (Hydroponic) + Watercress (Hydroponic)
Mushroom – Assorted Mushrooms Platter
BEANCURD / TOFU – Deep-Fried Beancurd Sheet Roll w/Seaweed + Japanese Tofu
NOODLE – Japanese Somen + Sweet Potato Noodle
Condiments – Condiments / Jang 78 Chilli Sauce
Drinks – Wine ( Glass ) / Canned Beer / Sugar Cane and Water Chestnut Drink ( Jar ) ( Choose 2 )

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As we know you love both hotpot and healthy eating, Megan’s Kitchen created this Vegetarian Hot Pot Set. Starting from Vegetarian Soup Base, we designed Vegetarian Dumplings and Meatballs to delight your appetite. Pairing with various Vegetables, Mushrooms and Beancurd, a healthy and delicious hot pot is now ready for you to taste!