Megan’s Kitchen’s Lunchtime Delights!

Welcome to Megan’s Kitchen’s “午市大明檔” (Lunchtime Delights)! We invite you to embark on a delectable culinary journey. Our unique cooking techniques, including Sichuan Boiled, Abalone Sauce, Brine, and Classic Chinese Vinegar, present a range of unforgettable dishes. Every day, we cook right in front of our customers, ensuring each dish releases the freshest and most enticing aromas. Whether you’re a fan of the refreshing Sichuan Boiled Sea Snails, the rich flavors of Brine Pigeon, or the luxurious taste of Fresh Abalone in Abalone Sauce, our menu will satisfy your taste buds. The Classic Chinese Vinegar Pig Trotter with Ginger and Eggs offers a delightful blend of sweet and sour sensations. Whether you’re dining with family or gathering with friends, we are your best choice for a memorable dining experience.

Year of the Dragon 2024 Festive Set

Let’s celebrate the Lunar New Year with our special Chinese New Year Festive Set! Indulge in our abundant dishes such as the “Prosperity Toss with Assorted Meat, Vegetable and Vegetarian Shark’s Fins” for wealth and success, and the “Steamed Spotted Grouper” for good fortune. By pre-ordering this package before January 31, 2024, you can enjoy an early bird discount and receive an additional *$500 (half seating $250) New Year Cash Vouchers for use during the festive season! Indulge in our Dragon Year Special Menu, featuring exquisite Cantonese cuisine that brings wealth and auspiciousness. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to welcome good fortune and a bountiful year!

Lunch Personal Hotpot + Holiday Special Add-on

Experience the new trend in hotpot dining! Megan’s Kitchen takes you on a journey to discover a whole new realm of hotpot dining. Our Lunch Special Personal Hotpot for only $188 per person. Enjoy our Holiday Special Add-On during weekends and holidays, offering additional hotpot ingredients from the set menu for just $20 per portion. Indulge in exquisite choices such as Japan A5 Miyazaki Shoulder Chuck, Beef Balls with Japanese Wagyu Oil, and Peking Duck Dumplings. Step into Megan’s Kitchen and let your taste buds merge with the essence of hotpot perfection! Come and enjoy an exquisite hotpot feast!

Hungarian Mangalica Pork + Australian Purebred Wagyu MB4-5 Hot Pot Set

Highlight Indulge in the deliciousness of Hungarian Mangalica Pork, with its richly distributed fat and tender mini pork belly and pork collar. Combined with the luxurious Australian Pure Bred Wagyu MB4-5, the marbling and melt-in-your-mouth texture of the beef brisket provide an unforgettable experience of premium wagyu beef.

To enhance the enjoyment of the hot pot, you can taste our delicious dumplings. From Doenjang Daehab, Dwaejigogi & Haecho Meatball, Bulgogi Dumpling, Pork Balls with Mui Choi, to Peking Duck Dumpling, each bite is a feast for the taste buds. Pair it with a variety of classic hot pot soup base, and you can upgrade to the premium soup base of Korean Beef Short Ribs and Radish Soup for just $98. The soups perfectly complement the premium meats, fresh seafood, and selected vegetables in the hot pot set, offering pure pleasure with every bite!

At Megan’s Kitchen, indulge in the finest quality beef in town with their top choice, “Marbled Fresh Local Beef”. Known for its rich, sweet flavor and even fat marbling, this beef offers a tender texture without being greasy. Opt for cuts like “Chuck Flap Tail”, “Belly Head”, or “Foreshank” for beautiful marbling and flavorful experience. For a rich and savory taste with a hint of oiliness, try “Rib Eye Side” or “Chuck Flap”. For a refreshing texture with less oil, savor “Beef Brisket” or “Chuck Rib”. Pair these delectable cuts with Megan’s Kitchen’s hot pot soup bases for an instant beef delight!

Hot Recommendation: Heart Warming Claypot Rice

As the weather cools down, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the aromatic and mouthwatering clay pot rice. Our chefs have prepared a variety of heartwarming options, cooked over charcoal fire for a unique flavor. Each bite offers crispy golden rice and a delightful combination of fresh and spicy ingredients. The simmering fragrance creates a true taste sensation. Experience the warmth and satisfaction with every bite at Megan’s Kitchen!

韓國牛肋骨蘿蔔湯 Korean Beef Short Ribs & Radish Soup

For the past 18 years, we has been known for our annual tradition of introducing a new series of hot pot dishes. This year, we are thrilled to present our Korean-inspired creations. From our Galbitang soup base to dishes like Bulgogi Dumplings, Doenjang Mun-eo, Ojing-eo Meatballs, and Gochujang Haemul Dumplings, we have carefully blended traditional Korean elements with local ingredients. Vegetarian options include Korean Kimchi Rice Cake Tofu Soup and Japchae Dumplings. Our premium selection of Korean and Japanese beef, such as Korea Gangwon 1+ Deluxe Sirloin and Japan A5 Miyazaki Sirloin, ensures an exceptional dining experience. Join us as we celebrate the allure of Korean cuisine in our hot pot creations.

7:30 Early-Bird Hotpot Offers

Come and experience our mouthwatering Early Bird Hot Pot promotion! If you settle the bill and leave before 7:30 p.m., you’ll enjoy a series of amazing offers! *First, it’s a buy one, get one free deal on beef! You can savor the finest beef and get an extra portion for free! Additionally, to enhance your hot pot experience, our classic soup bases are half price! And of course, beverages are not to be missed! In this promotion, beers and soft Drinks are also buy one, get one free! You can indulge in great food and enjoy a lively atmosphere with your friends! Don’t hesitate, come join our Early Bird Hot Pot promotion and let your taste buds be pleasantly surprised before 7:30!

*Except Korean & Japanese Beef | VIP rooms excluded

Enjoy 2 Hours of Free-Flow Drinks in a Korean-Themed Setting!

Dear hotpot enthusiasts, Megan’s Kitchen is excited to present our new seasonal hotpot promotion! This time, we are bringing you a unique hotpot experience with a Korean theme!🇰🇷😋

🥂 2 hours of free-flow drinks, unlimited enjoyment!🍻🍹🍶
🔸 Sake: Enjoy the authentic flavor of Japanese sake with Kizakura Karakuchi from Kyoto.
🔸 Chum Churum Soju: Try our original flavor, peach flavor, or citron flavor soju for a delightful drinking experience.
🔸 Bottled Beer: Indulge in the refreshing and smooth taste of chilled bottled beer.

Available from 6 PM onwards, allowing you to enjoy a night of unlimited drinks!
Price: $268 per person (VIP Private Room: $338 per person)


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