Welcome To Megan’s Kitchen

Located on the 5th floor of Lucky Centre, Megan’s Kitchen is conveniently located in the heart of Wanchai and features an elegant interior design with a cosy ambience. All tables are fitted with induction cookers which are safe and easy to use. There are VIP rooms equipped with toilets and LCD TVs for added privacy and comfort, perfect for special occasions and dinner parties.

Megan’s Kitchen is famous for its innovative and original hot pot soup bases (such as Tomato & Crab Soup in Soufflé Finish and Tom Yum Kung Cappuccino) as well as handmade meatballs and dumplings with special fillings (like Mui Choi and Pork Balls and Japanese beef with Black truffle Dumplings), which attracted many medias and customers.

We provide a huge selection of beef, including A4 & A5 Wagyu, sirloin, rib eye, beef tongue and beef cheek etc. from local markets, Australia, USA as well as Japan.

Besides hotpot, we also serve special Cantonese dishes like: 

  • Braised Belly Pork with Mui Choy in Souffle finish
  • Chicken with Rice Flake Noodles in Sweet Soy Sauce

The extensive wine collection is another highlight of Megan’s Kitchen:

  • Fine Red and White Wines from Italy, France, USA & Australia
  • Plum Wine and Sake from Japan
  • Hua Diao & Moutai from China

*Valet Parking service is available.







【 Happy Father’s Day in Megan’s Kitchen 】
Megan’s Kitchen is ready to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival and Father’s Day with you and your family! In addition to booking this festive set through phone, you can also pre-order the set on Megan’s Kitchen’s online store. Get 20% off on Salt Baked 4 Tael Yellow Oil “Yim Tsai Crab🦀” when you order the Megan’s Kitchen Father’s Day Menu!

【 Order Now! Yellow Oil Yim Tsai Crab and Sticky Rice Dumpling with Whole Hokkaido Conpoy 】
Seasonal Yellow Oil Yim Tsai Crab is now available! Sticky Rice Dumpling with Whole Hokkaido Conpoy is now ready for pre-order, it will be ready for pick up on June 1st! Order Now!

【 Nourish Health Express (June 2021) 】
All soups have nourishing ingredients and are boiled for 6 hours to amplify the flavour. You should also try our dessert (sweet soup)! Each bowl is sold for only $15 (Lunch) or $20 (Dinner).

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Opening Hours ( Monday – Sunday ) :
Lunch :12:00am -3:00pm
Dinner : 6:00pm – 11:30pm

Addreess : 5/F Lucky Centre, 165-171 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai
Tel:(852) 2866 8305
WhatsApp(852) 6474 2004
Email : info@meganskitchen.com