Premium Hotpot Pork

Premium Hotpot Pork

Introducing our Korean-inspired Shiso Veggies Belly Pork Rolls, cooked in our brand new Galbitang (Korean Beef Short Ribs and Radish Soup), offering endless deliciousness! A delightful combination of local black pork belly, enoki, sprouts, and fragrant Shiso Leaves, offering exceptional flavors! Don’t miss this exciting hotpot option!

Experience the best hotpot meats from around the world! Enjoy fresh local pork and renowned selections for a delicious and satisfying meal! Japan Kagoshima Black Pork Loin, with a rich, sweet, tender, and juicy flavor! Spain Iberico Pork Collar, offering a flavorful and oily meat with fruity notes! Local Black Pork Collar, guaranteed freshness!

Visit Megan’s Kitchen for a unique and delicious hotpot experience!

Spanish Iberico Pork Collar

Japan Kagoshima Black Pork Loin

Local Black Pork Collar

Korean Shiso Veggies Belly Pork Rolls

Hungarian Mangalica Pork + Australian Purebred Wagyu MB4-5 Hot Pot Set

Highlight Indulge in the deliciousness of Hungarian Mangalica Pork, with its richly distributed fat and tender mini pork belly and pork collar. Combined with the luxurious Australian Pure Bred Wagyu MB4-5, the marbling and melt-in-your-mouth texture of the beef brisket provide an unforgettable experience of premium wagyu beef.

To enhance the enjoyment of the hot pot, you can taste our delicious dumplings. From Doenjang Daehab, Dwaejigogi & Haecho Meatball, Bulgogi Dumpling, Pork Balls with Mui Choi, to Peking Duck Dumpling, each bite is a feast for the taste buds. Pair it with a variety of classic hot pot soup base, and you can upgrade to the premium soup base of Korean Beef Short Ribs and Radish Soup for just $98. The soups perfectly complement the premium meats, fresh seafood, and selected vegetables in the hot pot set, offering pure pleasure with every bite!


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