Korean-style Vegetarian Hotpot Set

Korean-style Vegetarian Hotpot Set

Hot and Spicy Korean Vegetarian Hotpot! Experience authentic Korean cuisine at our restaurant for $388 per person! Try our Korean Kimchi Rice Cake Tofu Soup with a rich and flavorful soup and a spicy kick. Recommended specialty meatballs: Kongnamool, Sigeumchi Namul Omnibeef Meatballs combining sesame greens and fragrant sesame oil. For dumplings, enjoy Konchijeu Dumplings (Spicy Corn & Cheese) with a spicy sauce and creamy cheese. We offer a wide selection of appetizers, vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, and more. Pair it with your favorite noodles for a feast of flavors! Book now for the hottest and spiciest Korean Vegetarian Hotpot!

$388 / pax

Appetizers ( platter of 3 )
Korean-style Sesame Sprouts | Korean-style Sesame Oil Spinach | Korean-style Flavorful Kimchi

Signature Soup Base
Korean Kimchi Rice Cake Tofu Soup

Meatballs & Dumplings ( Dumplings :1 Each. Meatballs : 2 pcs )
Kongnamool, Sigeumchi Namul Omnibeef Meatballs (Sesame Spinach, Beansprouts & Omnibeef)
Japchae Dumplings (Stir-fried Noodles With Veggies)
Konchijeu Dumplings (Spicy Corn & Cheese)
Kimchi & Rice Cake Dumplings
Mushrooms & Onion Dumpling Vegetable Dumplings

Vegetable ( Half portion for each item. You can select 2 items )
Baby Celery Cabbage | Chinese Lettuce | Mustard Vegetable
Sliced Lotus Root | Pumpkin | White Turnip

Beancurd / Tofu ( Half portion for each item. You can select 2 items )
Fried Beancurd Balls | Fried Beancurd Stick | Iced Tofu
Tofu | Fried Beancurd Puff | Chiu Chow Five-Flavoured Spicy Tofu

Mushrooms ( Half portion for each item. You can select 2 items )
Tree Fungus | Enoki Mushrooms | Chicken Leg Mushrooms
Fresh Mushrooms | Abalone Mushrooms | Ling Chi Mushrooms

Noodles ( Select 1 item )
Korean Shin Ramyun | Korean Rice Cake | Korean Potato Noodle | Konnyaku

Drinks ( Select 1 item,300ml )
Chum Churum Soju ( Original | Peach | Citron )

5 Signature Sauces + 5 Signature Toppings.

$388 / pax


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