Vegetarian Hotpot Recommendations

Vegetarian Hotpot Recommendations

This year we are excited to introduce our brand-new Korean style vegetarian options. We start with a selection of sesame oil marinated crispy sprouts, spinach and kimchi as nutrient rich vegetarian appetizers. We also make use of popular Korean cuisine essentials like stir-fried noodles, corn & cheese and rice cake etc and prepare them with special Korean marinates to meticulously craft our dumplings and meatballs. These “Korean Style” vegetarian choices offer a diverse range of flavours, ensuring a delicious and satisfying experience for you.

Seasonal Special! Discover the wild allure of Megan’s Kitchen: exquisite Fresh Bamboo Fungus and Fresh Himematsutake!

Kongnamool, Sigeumchi Namul Omnibeef Meatballs (Sesame Spinach, Beansprouts & Omnibeef)

Japchae Dumplings (Stir-fried Noodles With Veggies)

Kimchi & Rice Cake Dumplings

Konchijeu Dumplings (Spicy Corn & Cheese)

Vegetarian Hotpot Recommendations

Fresh Bamboo Fungus, these exquisite fungi, have an exceptional ability to absorb flavors. Perfect for hotpot, they soak up all the savory soup base, creating an incredibly delicious experience! And their nutritional value is off the charts, boost vitality, nourish the lungs, and enhance immunity.

Fresh Himematsutake, with their tender caps and crisp stems, offer a sensational texture with every bite! Adding them to hotpot elevates the flavors to perfection! Due to their limited availability, they are truly precious. They lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and improve liver function.


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