Korean-style Hotpot Set

Korean-style Hotpot Set

Megan’s Kitchen selects premium ingredients to prepare top-grade beef, seafood, specialty meatballs, dumplings, and a variety of vegetables and noodle options for you. Reserve now for only $688 per person and enjoy the Korean hotpot set menu! You’ll savor delectable dishes such as Korea Gangwon 1+ Deluxe Sirloin, Razor Clam air-flown from Ireland, and Doenjang Mun-eo, Ojing-eo Meatballs made with Korean bean paste. Of course, there are also a wide selection of premium seafood, specialty meatballs, dumplings, vegetable platters, noodles, and free-flowing shochu for you to enjoy. Each dish exudes the unique flavors of Korean cuisine, delivering the most authentic taste experience to your taste buds!

$688 / pax

Appetizers ( platter of 3 )
Korean-style Sesame Sprouts | Korean-style Sesame Oil Spinach | Korean-style Flavorful Kimchi

Signature Soup Base
Galbitang ( Korean Beef Short Ribs and Radish Soup )

Seafood ( Select 2 items, 1 for Each )
Razor Clam
Japan Hokkaido Scallop
Fresh Abalone
Fresh Shrimp

Korean & Japan Premium Beef
Korea Gangwon 1+ Deluxe Sirloin ( 2pcs )

Special Add-on
Korea Gangwon 1+ Deluxe Sirloin ( 2pcs ) : $100
Japan A5 Miyazaki Sirloin ( 2pcs ) : $100
Japan A4 Satsuma Sirloin ( 2pcs ) : $100

Meatballs ( 1 each )
Doenjang Mun-eo, Ojing-eo Meatballs (Octopus And Cuttlefish In Korean Beanpaste)
Doenjang Daehab, Dwaejigogi & Haecho Meatballs (Clam, Pork & Seaweed In Korean Beanpaste)
Kongnamool, Sigeumchi Namul OmniBeef Meatballs ( Sesame Spinach, Beansprouts & OmniBeef ) ( Vegetarian )

Dumplings ( 1 each )
Budae Jjigae Dumplings (Kimchi Rice Cake Army Base Stew)
Bulgogi Dumplings (BBQ Beef & Onion)
Gochujang Haemul Dumplings (Spicy Seafood)

Assorted Vegetable, Mushroom & Tofu Platter ( 1 pax )

Noodles ( Select 1 item )
Korean Shin Ramyun | Korean Rice Cake

Drinks ( Select 1 item,300ml )
Chum Churum Soju ( Original | Peach | Citron )

5 Signature Sauces + 5 Signature Toppings.

$688 / pax


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