Megan’s Kitchen Father’s Day Special Menu

Megan’s Kitchen Festive Special
Father’s Day Menu

Megan’s Kitchen has specially launched a selected menu for the upcoming Father’s Day, presenting a series of carefully crafted delicacies that can satisfy your highest pursuit of fine dining and allow the whole family to share the joy of this special occasion.

Let’s express our reverence and gratitude to our beloved fathers with this selected menu, and celebrate this warm Father’s Day together. Make your reservation early to secure the best dining time!

$6,888 (12 Pax) | $3,888 (6 Pax)
( Waive Sauce Charge | 10% Service Charge )

Father’s Day Special Festive Offer : Hotpot Pass

With a 12-person reservation, you will also receive a “Hotpot Pass” that entitles you to enjoy a free serving of hand-cut snowflake beef chuck + Hungarian Mangalica pork collar, along with two glasses of Asahi draft beer, at Megan’s Kitchen during July and August. For the 6-person set menu, you can also purchase the “Hotpot Pass” at half price, allowing you to experience the unlimited hotpot indulgence.

Deep Fried Abalones with Spicy Salt & Sauteed Chinese Yam in Salted Egg Yolk Paste

Double Boiled Pork Lung Soup with Almond Juice

Pan Fried Crab Claws Stuffed with Shrimp Paste

Wok Fried Australian Lobster in Black Bean Sauce with Crispy Rice Noodle

Steamed Giant Grouper Fillet with Mushroom, Yunnan Ham and Seasonal Vegetable

Baked Chicken with Truffle Sauce

Grilled US Prime Rib-Eye

Stir Fried Chinese Red Spinach with Garlic

Steamed Lotus Leaf Wrapped Fried Rice with Dried Scallop & Fresh Shrimp

Kumquat Sweet Soup with White Fungus & Red Dates

$6,888 (12 Pax) | $3,888 (6 Pax)
( Waive Sauce Charge | 10% Service Charge )


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