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Gift you Night & Day – $15 Special Offer: Cantonese Dish for Lunch

Gift you Night & Day – $15 Special Offer: Cantonese Dish for Lunch

Megan’s Kitchen have been providing friendly service and yummy Cantonese dishes that are welcomed by all ages and at anytime of the day, like Stir-fried Spare Ribs with Strawberries, Home-Made Soy Sauce Chicken with Rice Flake Noodles, Braised Belly Pork in Soufflé. But we also continue to create new dishes to please our foodie customers, eg. Chicken smoked with Pu’er Tea Leaves and Rose Buds, Oxtail Braised with Black Truffles and Assorted Mushrooms.

During our 15th anniversary celebration, you can order the “Megan’s Kitchen Chicken with Rice Flake Noodles in Sweet Soy Sauce” (Original Price $128) for just $15 every Monday during lunch time when you order two Executive Set Lunches. ($15 Cantonese Dish selection changes daily. T&C Applies)
Monday Special

Chicken with Rice Flake Noodles in Sweet Soy Sauce (Regular)

In addition to fresh ingredients, exquisite preparation and taste, it is also important to prepare dishes according to weather conditions. Our chef chose to pair the Sweet Soy Sauce Chicken with Rice Flake Noodles to give a light & refreshing taste. It is so popular that it has become one of our signature dishes ever since.

Original Price : $128 | NOW : $15
Tuesday Special

Sauteed Spare Ribs with Strawberries

Sauteed Spare Ribs with Strawberries is a dish we absolutely adore. It is delicious but definitely hard to master. Strawberries also evoke blissful feelings, perhaps that is why this dish is popular on any occasion.

Original Price : $98 | NOW : $15

Wednesday Special

Boneless Chicken with Ginger Sauce (Regular)

Steamed Chicken with Sand Ginger Powder is one of the most common dishes in Cantonese cuisine. It is not difficult to cook but it takes a lot of thoughts and practice to execute it to perfection. Aside from the preparation of the ingredients and deboning the chicken, Megan’s Kitchen cooks and prepares this dish from our hearts, hence this is one of our guests’ must-order item every time.

Original Price : $118 | NOW : $15

Thursday Special

Steamed Pork Belly & Mui Choy with Souffle Topping

We want our guests to enjoy this dish with a feeling of comfort and warmth, so our chef decided to put the Steamed Pork Belly and Mui Choy in a claypot and topped it with our delicious Souffle which is also used in our famous hotpot soup base. The lightness of the Souffle goes well with pork belly, making you eat piece after piece until all is gone.

Original Price : $108 | NOW : $15

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Special

Scrambled Eggs with Crab Meat & Vegetarian Shark’s Fins

Our chefs put in a lot of effort to create new crab dishes during crab season every year. Fresh crab meat is stir-fried with eggs and refreshing vegetarian shark’s fin. This popular dish is perfect for autumn and goes very well with rice.

Original Price : $88 | NOW : $15

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