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Megan’s Kitchen celebrates this Mid-Autumn Festiva with you!

Megan’s Kitchen celebrates this Mid-Autumn Festival with you!

Happy to announce that Megan’s Kitchen has partnered with KiKi Gourmet & Grocery In order to bring you an amazing festive celebration. One of the recommended dish is【 Cheesy Baked Australian Lobster with KIKI Noodles 】, the notably selected Australian Lobster and KiKi noodles are baked with cheese giving a rich flavour and a crispy golden crisp, making your Mid-Autumn Festival even more fulfilling!

$2,888 (4 Pax) | $4,888 (8 Pax)
( Waive Sauce Charge | 10% Service Charge )

Recommented : Cheesy Baked Australian Lobster with KIKI Noodles | Golden-Autumn Hairy Crab Roe served with Toast

Golden Pumpkin and Yunnan Ham Vegetarian Shark Fin Soup | Giant Grouper Steak in Star Fruit Sauce
Baked Yellow Chicken in Black Truffle Sauce | Choy Sum Sprout souped with fresh almond and wolfberry

Rice: Cray Pot Rice with assorted Chinese Preserved Meat and Sausage

Dessert :Sesame Sweet Dumplings in Ginger tea

For booking before Sep 1 : A box of【 ‘KiKi Moon’ Custard Mooncake Gift Set】 for Free

$2,888 (4 Pax) | $4,888 (8 Pax) ( Waive Sauce Charge | 10% Service Charge )

Megan’s Kitchen offers 4-person ($2,888) and 8-person ($4,888) Mid-Autumn menu sets for you to choose from. For booking before Sep 1, the 4-persons set will receive a box of 【 ‘KiKi Moon’ Custard Mooncake Gift Set】and 2 boxes for the menu for 8-persons. The flavours are – Pineapple Custard Mooncake, White Peach Oolong Custard Mooncake, and Jasmine Green Tea Custard Mooncake which come together in a playful ‘Die-Cut Rabbit” bag. Have a joyful Moon Festival.


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